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application just approved! what's next? added toggle on bnet but can't communicate for some reason!
ouchhhhhhhhhhh that sucks
Be glad this wasn't you! [link]
1 out of 220 :sick:
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Current Recruitment Needs

Arcaneum a posted Oct 16, 14
We will always be recruiting for the upper echelon of players out there, so if you feel like your one of the best at your class we would be glad to give you a shot! That being said, there are a couple classes in particular that we are in high need of.
-Shadow Priests
-Enhance/Ele Shamans (pref with healing OS)

This holds true for today (Patch 6.0) as well as for going into Warlords, so if you are interested get in contact with an officer or put an app in today! While we will be trialing many people, as we get closer and closer to WoD the core positions will be filling fast.

Heroic Garrosh Down!!!

Thaelon a posted Sep 27, 14
Grats guys on clearing Heroic SoO!  Looking forward to Warlords and Mythic Raiding now!

Arcaneum a posted Aug 8, 14

Guild Website is Now Up

Welcome To Limit Break!

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